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Archive Invalidation?


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I have seen in posts and thread that Archive Invalidation is needed to get some things to show up....


i found a file called Archive Invalidation Invalidated bsa and loaded it but am not sure if that was the right thing to get:


the read me says:


2.) Place ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa into your Oblivion\Data folder.


3.) Kiss your ArchiveInvalidation.txt goodbye and delete it! If you are using Oblivion Mod Manager's BSA ArchiveInvalidation make sure you use it to remove all BSA edits and disable it from doing ArchiveInvalidation again.


but i am not sure what that means or if i should be using this at all as it sounds like a radical approach.


i just want the Lovers mods to work right, i am an experienced player and skilled in the CS but some of the techincal side of running the game has been hard for me to do....i am just now trying to improve my knowledge and wanted to ask about invalidation etc. any adivce very welcome.


Basically what do we do to do it..and is this AI invalidated the way to go?

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hello, i try to explain(make a short description)

the old "Archive Invalidation" system working with a file named "ArchiveInvalidation.txt". as said in point 3)

if you have that file in Oblivion\Data folder, it is no longer necessary.(you can delete it). in the old time, you had to edit this file with notepad and add the name of the new mesh/textures.


the new system "Archive Invalidation Invalidated" is the file "Archive Invalidation Invalidated.bsa" whose take place in Oblivion\Data folder.

and he charge all new mesh/textures in data folder automaticaly.


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Whatever you do DO NOT download an archive invalidate mod as it is way out of date.


Instead as Jerbsinator stated use OBMM and archive invalidate via bsa redirection. Note if you install anything that has loose files which replaces anything vanilla or any other mod that has a bsa with it you will need to redo your archive invalidation to make sure it is up to date.


Link to instructions on how to archive invalidate via bsa redirection:


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thanks guys, much appreciate the help. So far things are working well, i just wanted to try to understand what was needed. I got used to adding to the invalidation list back in Morriwind but then kind of forgot about it until i had to get the coloured map mod to work...then i had to do it again to get it to show up. i will learn about this new method using Bash, thanks a lot. Much appreciated.

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