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(SOLVED) How to access MCM menu variables?


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So I made an MCM menu, but no where does it explain how to actually access the variables that get changed via the menu.


How can you access int aOID from other scripts in another quest? The SkyUI MCM Menu tutorial shows you how to make a menu, but not how to access the variables for actual use in your scripts.


scriptname kd_script_mcmmenu extends SKI_ConfigBase

int aOID

bool aVal = false


int function GetVersion()
return 1 ; Default version


event OnPageReset(string a_page)


    aOID = AddToggleOption("Nord Male Short", true)


event OnOptionHighlight(int a_option)

    if (a_option == aOID)
        SetInfoText("Check this if you've made your Nord male shorter in Character Maker Extended by a value of -0.02, this will ensure a different set of animations are played for the height adjustment.\nDefault: false")


event OnOptionSelect(int a_option)

    if (a_option == aOID)
        aVal = !aVal
        SetToggleOptionValue(aOID, aVal)


event OnOptionDefault(int a_option)

    if (a_option == aOID)
        aVal = false
        SetToggleOptionValue(aOID, aVal)



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The OID is internal to the menu, and only used to identify the shown button in the menu. In your example the actual value you want to use is aVal. That you can access like any other variable in scripts, it's nothing more special than any other variable. Make it a property so you can use myMCMscript.aVal, or write a getter function for it.

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declare aVal as a public variable

bool property aval auto


or make a function that serves the private variable

Function getVal()

return aVal



then in your other script:

kd_script_mcmmenu property mcmScript auto --> needs to be filled



debug.notification(mcmScript.aVal) // or


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