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Seranas cupsize and ugly vampire eyes.


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Well, I'd like to point it down directly. Does anyone know if there's a way to seamlessly changes Seranas weight? I used the YellowishEyeFix mod (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/31477/?) to grab her actor file and edit the weight there. It basically took over the weight, however the neck and throat area are still scaled at her default weight of 20.


If I remove the plugin, her weight stays at 100 with a seamless neck, but the eyes are flashlights again. I knew there was a way because I used to have it fixed months ago, but I had to reinstall my Skyrim due to massive addon and game problems...


In case it's needed: Serana is cured and the Dawnguard line is finished already.

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It's indeed not because I prefer her default head/face without a hell ton of makeup or a 6h-barber-haircut...


Only thing I'd like to know is how to fix her head not fitting on a weight 100 body, which would also help on various other NPCs if I plan to alter their weight.

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Just a guess, but you might need to reexport her npc head data after you change her body weight.  Otherwise I would imagine the game tries to grab it from the dawnguard .bsa which uses the previous weight size.  If you don't know how, expand the actors list in the CK, click on Serana and hit CTRL + F4.

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