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If I could mod,...


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If I had the time and the ability to do FNV mods, it would go like this



Courier opens the gate to the inner section of Freeside


Force Greet from limping old prospector NPC "Run for you life Mister! FISTO has slipped the Garret's restraining bolt and is now runing amoke like a Legion mongrel at knee convention! No one's nethers are safe from that mechanical demon!"


Courier "My god, and what happened to the Garrets?"


Limping Old Prospector NPC "Francine is screaming about no free samples and James is laughing like a mad man'


Quest Begin "FISTO of Steel" - Stop the berserk FISTO from dry humping Freeside to death.


And naturally FISTO has been enhance by Tom Garret so energy weapons and guns do not work on him, so the Courier will have to go hand to hand with FISTO who has enhanced sexout abilities. Can the Courier save New Vegas from a mechanical fate worse than death?

Ahh, if I only could mod cruel world!

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You can mod, you just don't want to enough, there's is more information and people to help you at your fingertips than ever before in the entire history of man. If a 70% blind 45yo like me can learn modding what's everyone else's excuse? There are plenty of people to help, we'd like to see mods like this too, but we're not going to do your mod for you.


Do you think we all were born modders? We all started small with GECK, edit a gun or armor here and there then merge a few plugins. It just takes some patience and a interest to do whatever to achieve a goal.

Somethings are only going to happen when you get off your bum and do it yourself :)

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