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[REQ] "Brothels in Skyrim" as a modders resource


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I suppose the title explains the purpose, I need a master file (ESM) containing a bunch buildings with the following requirements.



  • Short explanation of why you chose a particular location (pros/cons), not to be used in the mod, but will give modders an idea about what to make of the building.
  • One brothel (building) per hold, preferably evenly distributed on the world map.
  • Lore friendly decoration without using any 3rd party assets, except perhaps building signs.
  • Decoration style may reflect the wealthiness of its customers (i.e. poor, rich etc).
  • Buildings preferably reflects the Hold's architectural style.
  • You may reuse existing buildings.
  • Outside of the building must also be decorated in a lore friendly way (i.e. similar to other buildings of the same kind).
  • At least 2 story building, one of which (the bottom one) is a cellar.
  • Cellars must have food and alcoholic beverage containers (respawning in large quantities) and a drinkable water supply, such as a small tub, a small pool etc.
  • Cellars may have hidden passages (trap doors) that connect them to the outside world through a cave/cavern. Cave may be full of wild animals (wolves, bears, spiders, spriggans etc.) or something else. Needless to say, if you're going to add a cave then you need to design it as well by yourself, and connect it to the outside world.
  • Buildings may preferably have a closed garden, such as the one at the Riften orphanage.
  • All buildings must include location markers, idle markers, and must be fully navmeshed (both inside and outside).
  • The ESM should not include any NPCs, packages, factions, quests, or any scripts (unless it's necessary for a mechanism in the building).
  • You must include all USKP changes, you may even use it as a master file.


BTW, even if I won't be able to find someone to take on a task like this, I still think that it's a good idea to drop this here as a reference.




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Guest Jenova23

ASX gonna make a update soon, that containt an brothel with quest and all.. check the ASX page on nexus for more info about it ^^


You sure that's been ages ago.

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