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Problem with texture clipping from distance


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Hi there!


I'm working on a custom mesh. However, when I get it in game there seems to be a weird issue where viewing it from a distance shows clipping. Up close, however, the clipping goes away.

If you look at her upper arm, it goes completely transparent and seems to warp and grow around the arm as I move around her.





However, if I go up close to her, there is no problem.







Does anyone know what the issue is? :/

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Do you have the NiAlphaProperty added to the armor and are you using any type of ENB? Things that have the NiAlphaProperty which is used to make parts that you cut out of a texture file disappear or to make a outfit/armor transparent will get messed up by ENB's which will make them disappear/become transparent at certain angles/distances jumping into water will also make them invisible. 

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There's no NiAlphaProperty HOWEVER... I did notice something in Nifskope where the "problem areas" look like actual chunks of the mesh that rotate opposite to how I'm rotating and only show up when I am zoomed out (it also happens on the arm piece too). I've tried reskinning, but nothing seems to work. :/ 



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Eep, okay, after noodling around some more I somehow managed to fix it.


For anyone stumbling on to this topic with a similar problem, I applied this to all objects:


Spells -> Batch -> "Make All Partition Skins" -> Made sure "Stripify Triangles" was selected -> "OK"


Hope this helps.

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