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Rez's RE5 Fishing Boat

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Been jacking around with Skyrim some.  ESP work and textures.  Not doing any meshes since I'm not in to making an outfit twice...and the game is a joke anyway. :sleepy:   I've downloaded the tank, this boat and the jet ski.  I might have to fire up NV again just to see how these things look.  Thanks for doing the work.


'Special Snowflake'.  Ain't I though. :lol:

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Yeah I guess if you want to bake bread or make a spell that makes your penis glow rainbow colors with sparks when you shout (no offense if anyone has already made that).. then skyrim could be fun.   I like walking around and checking things out/exploring.. views and graphics and such. but not really into the lore or quest lines. 


have some more of those models on here too http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1003-re5-and-ravaged-vehicle-model-resource-by-rez/  and prob more around the different sites somewhere. 


Back working on Baja Island for NV at the moment. 

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If it wasn't for all of the ground breaking scripting, rigging and animations for Skyrim sex mods the damn game wouldn't be worth playing. :P


Hey, I made a shit load of static and clutter objects for a Gomorrah makeover that I just dropped.  Beer bottles with labels, all sorts of bar glasses, animated objects, clutter,etc.  I also have a Less lame Tops Pool mod here that has new pool furniture.  Feel free to use what you like and if you want, I can send you the Gomorrah stuff.

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