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What are the chances of getting a Sims Mods Forum?


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With the near demise of sexysims2 there isn't any good place for mod creators to put their amazing adult mods.  There are dozens of little sites, but no nice sites like LL.  Amra72 is already producing some amazing things for the Sims 3 in the Adult Gaming section, and we also have some cool stuff from several other modders there.  If we build it, they will come.  Snaitf just had to wait over a week to get his invisible clothing available to the public at another site.  I think that a Sims Mod forum would be perfect here on LL.  And with the rapid development of Sims 4 mods occurring due to the unprecedented modding support that EA/Maxis is giving to modders for the Sims 4 I don't think there is a better time.


So how about it?

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The way it usually works is, that first there have to be enough (original) mods on this site that they would warrant their own section. Creating a Sims section and having it populated by two mods would probably not happen. Supply and demand. There was a high demand on a seperate Fallout 3 forum a while ago, but not nearly enough mods to justify it.


With that being said, since this is an adult modding forum we would of course welcome any additions. If there are sims modders that have problems getting their mods out on more traditional dedicated (adult) sims sites, they can feel free to upload them here in the Misc./Adult Gaming section for the time being. If there are enough mods and high interest, I'm sure Ashal will at least think about it. :)

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