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In search of a better standalone armor technique...


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So here's my thinking in brief.


There've been a lot of mods that add standalone versions of replacer armors, say the remodeled armor standalone I used to use. But they all suffer from one rather significant shortcoming: the standalone armors don't inherit fixes to the stats of the originals.


Armor templates seem like they'd be the perfect solution but they don't let you set a unique AA entry for the new version.... which is a shame, because that would be amazing.


My question at this point is whether there's a script one could attach to an armor to change its AA entry in the game, or other similar properties. Or hell, to set the armor's stats/keywords to match those of a base item and avoid using the template function while still getting the chief benefits.

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Not sure if this is in the same line of problems I ran into recently.

There's a couple of standalone helm to circlet mod that I installed and they each have their issues on their integration back to the original game.

Armor rating differences, weight differences, some of the magic effects are lost, do they could towards the set armor bonus, crafting material requirements. Level list so they show up in the world could be a bonus.

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I don't know much about modding, and even less so about scripting, but... I think if something like this were to exist it would have to be in a form similar to how SkyRe handles patches for fixing modded items' stats to play nicely with the framework. It could maybe be made easier by making such a program and changing all armor's stats with the press of a button but you would still need an external program to do it. Don't think Papyrus could handle any of that on it's own in-game, which to my understanding is a very dated scripting engine with many limitations.


If it was possible to achieve something like this in-game I think SkyRe users would explode into sheer happiness all of a sudden :P


However I am interested to hear from someone who actually knows what they're talking about opposed to my 2 cents :D

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