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Hey, nice too meet you guys


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Hi everyone, I decided to stop myself from just visiting this forum (I've lost my old account with no message) to download only mods. I'll try to contribute a little myself, to talk with anyone who wants =p.


So well I'd like to thanks everyone which has contributed to this wonderful forum and mods and I hope this forum will stay awesome in the future ( Quite sure it will but well ^^).

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Actually I didn't lurk that much before posting !


If you don't post you don't share, and if you don't share you don't live... That's the way I think !


Welcome to the community, shirow ! Now you're alive ! At least virtually ! :lol:


Feel free to share thoughts, ideas, questions, pictures, links... and why not mods you did ? We all   :heart:  mods!  :D


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I'm french actually so english isn't my main language so sometimes I may post dumb/incorrect things but I'm still good compared to other french people.


Little advice : If anyone ever want to go in France, there is two things you should know :


- French people don't speak english (or at least they won't know more than Hello/how are you or few other words)

- People in Paris acts like dicks so don't expect many help and care when they are driving ( I'm glad I don't live there )



Otherwise I'll contribuate in my free times and try to help anyone if I can. I'm not good in solving problem about mods (at least I could resolve mine by myself). I do now understand a bit better but I still do not know a lot of things ).


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