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WHY or HOW is HDT working for me? ....


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When I first started using HDT I used JFF and enabled collisions between .... groups?.... and then there was the Havok Object. Some kind of Voo-Doo, I think. I never actually used it. :)


I edited the hand nifs of my vanilla and custom races by placing the Havok information in the extra data and just didn't wear gloves.


Recently I've switched over to using the XPMSE 2.xx series skeletons (using 2.06 now) and I haven't DONE anything. And HDT just works!

I haven't changed nifs anywhere. I have the 14.28 version of HDT. Is it like.... built in to the skeleton now? I used to understand this well enough to mess around with it, but now I'm almost afraid to touch it for fear I'll break it! hehehe


So if I haven't added the extra data to a nif, and if I'm not using a Havok Object.... how is HDT still working?

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You only need to do the extradata nif injection and the Havok Object for collision enabling

(I.E. You want breasts to react to hands)


As for generic movement physics, you never had to have the extra data or the havok Object. All you need is a file called hdtdefaultbbp.xml which the plugin automatically searches for in your skse folder and will apply ONLY movement data into your game (collisions will not be loaded.)


So yea in theory, you can add stuff into the hdtdefaultbbp.xml file to effect ALL characters in the game world. However, collisions cannot be handled this way. (So say if your skeleton had cape bones like the old XPMS skeletons, you could in theory put cape physics movement in the hdtdefaultbbp.xml and have it affect all NPC's on game load.)

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