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My pictures for you devious modders


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Hey guys !


So I was in Montreal this summer and went to a pretty small museum compared to all the big ones I went to when traveling through Canada, and I bumped into some interesting medieval stuff I just couldn't believe !


I had to take pictures of this stuff to post them here so it can help you devious modders designing (and scripting ?) real stuff used during the 18th century for punishment in Canada and more precisely in Montreal, and maybe giving some ideas for new animations using this stuff !


I know there are already a lot of mods adding a lot of stuff for this purpose but I mean I had to take pictures of this stuff and share them here ! It was fate !


So here it goes :




Warning ! This could offend you, there are no gore pictures behind this line but your imagination could make some so if you are easily offended, don't click the spoiler button !





Iron cuffs



La Corriveau / Being hanged in chains



La Corriveau Story / Legend, in french... sorry guys ! Go on Wikipedia if you want to get the english version of her story / legend ! It is pretty interesting and there is a picture of the "real?" gibbet, I think the one on my picture is made for people living in the 21st century... Creeeeeppy !  :wacko:



Le carcan / Iron Collar



Le carcan / Iron Collar explanations in french and english



The signs attached to the necks of the criminals being punished with the iron collar







Hope you like them, guys ! ^_^

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