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NMM needs to rescan mod list on new install


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Last week my motherboard died, I had to get a new one. The new one did not recognize my old boot drive, had to get a new HDD to install a new OS.


I copied over my old files and will be transferring them back to my old drive once I format and install another OS on it because the 'new' drive is only borrowed and I can't keep it.


I reinstalled STEAM and copied over my entire Skryrim directory and NMM directories. Skyrim works fine for now but NMM does not. It looks like the mod list is empty but if I tab over I can see all 248 files in alphabetical order rather than how they are supposed to be. 


How do I get NMM to recognize these files without having to reinstall all my mods again? The Refresh button doesn't do anything. 

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Did you copy across C:\Games\Nexus Mod Manager which in the \mods folder should contain all the mods that have been added to NMM and there should be a \cache folder which contains all the mods that are currently installed.

The directory is there, but it's empty. hmmmmmmmm. Time to hook up the old drive again.

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