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bnb for doa

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 because im kinda dumb when it comes to stuff like this i need to ask, do i copy the skeleton from bnb compatibility and replace the doa skeleton with it or try  to figure out which bone controls breast movement, fail a bunch and then come back here and whine some more? also while im here is there an indepth guide to adding races to spunk the readme included by the good doc cant be read by my computer and the mini guide he made in the op of the thread seems to be beyond what i can comprehend

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I have no clue as I have never used it I just know that it works for fallout oblivion and skyrim and you can add BBP, TBBP, BB, BBB, BNB, etc. All info you should need should be in the first post of the thread. Some info since it is bigger are under the spoiler tags and posting a question in the thread there will probably be better for getting any thing cleared up that you are having trouble with as there will be many that check the thread that are already using it.

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