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Not sure if it's legal to share this things here...:s

Might as well give it a try. :P


I found this game a while ago when it was still in developement. I'm talking about bonecraft! HEHE!!! well, i don't think the gameplay is "something" but i haven't tested it myself, although the sex animations seem pretty decent to me. Best of all is that this is now finished and "tadah!!" - i have links ;)


Here is the site if you want to check out trailers and stuff:click me

It seems they are releasing a mod kit soon too.


Link Removed

let me know what you think of the game :cool:

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Okay, I'll admit I just started playing this game (already clocked in about an hour into it) and so I may be jumping the gun with this review...




- Too expensive; It shouldn't be more than $15 at best.

- Buggy; I had to delete my saves twice and restart the game. Twice.

- Clunky Controls; Fist combos hard to pull off. Camera needs work.

- Limited; Few character skins, few gear, few sex animations.




- Decent voice acting; Neil Kaplan is hilarious, and so is Sexbot.

- Sexy animations; Though limited, they're fap-worthy.

- Decent visuals; Impressive for an indie/amateur game developer.

- Story; Very cliche, but non-convoluted.

- Gear Customization; Limited, but at least it's there lol.

- Fantasy Mode; I wonder what's this all about...?


As I continue to play this game I'll probably notice some things to add to these lists, but so far I have to say there are more pros than cons.


It's biggest drawback is definitely the price; I simply can't justify it even with the voice actors involved as well as the fact that the developers need to make a profit from the time (and money) they spent on making the game. Improve on it some more and perhaps it'll be worthy of the current price.


But other than that, I'll admit I found myself fapping to this game. The female characters have that hot "cartoony" look to them and their voice actresses did a fine job (as far as adult game are concerned, can't really expect Disney or Pixar quality here). In a world in which we're inundated with tons of hentai material from Japan, it's definitely refreshing to see an adult game that is geared towards the English-speaking crowd and westerners.

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