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Procedure for merging .esp files

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You can do it manually by using TES5Edits Deep Copy with an empty ESP as target (recommended) or try the Merge Plugins xEdit Script, which might need some manual editing/adjustements because it sounds like you try to merge cell edits and dialogue as well.

There's no 100% working merging for cells (especially exteriors) or dialogues yet. Scripts won't be merged either so this has to be done by hand (if the source files are available), so be aware of that.

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The good news is, that so far, there are no scripts or dialogues; I have only placed furniture (chests and workbenches) in a couple of cities, and a building and more of the same kinds of furniture (for crafting again, but all kinds of crafting except cooking; I'm not running a restaurant (joke)). Given these facts, is TES5edit still the best way to go?

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Unless you setup the CK to work via server, that's your best guess if you want to end up with a clean merged file, that can have full USKP support (by covering its edits).


So if the mod you mentioned is made by you and you just want to merge single ESPs into one, just use TES5Edit's DeepCopy, apply the USKP patches afterwards and you're fine. And if it's your mods then you can simply merge the ESPs in the correct load order like this:
ESP 2 (first merge into ESP 1)

ESP 3 (2nd merge into ESP 1, overwriting existing entries with its changes, which should be what you want)

ESP 4 (3rd merge into ESP 1, overwriting existing entries with its changes, which should be what you want)



You'll loose the original ESP 1, unless you made a backup, but you'll only have one plugin in the end which you can then load into the CK.
And don't start scripting the plugins before you merge them, as merging breaks aliases and such which will be a pain in the arse to fix.


Edit: Copying in TES5Edit needs manual renumbering iDs first, which is what breaks scripts.

Edit 2: Adding new/removing dependencies causes such breaks as well (counts for the CK too).

Edit 3: Delete the merged ESPs from the dependencies, as TES5Edit adds them there.

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That seems straight forward, even though I haven't even considered that all of it might be possible in this way. As far as scripts are concerned, I'm far from being able to write any; I just don't understand them, even though I've made the "Hello World" script from the Bethesda tutorial. I have a lot of difficulty ahead of me in terms of understanding that stuff.

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What? That's why you create multiple ESPs? For every exterior and interior edit/created?

You better check the CK wiki again, as the only reason to create multiple ESPs is in projects where multiple people are involved, when you don't want (yet) or can't create soft dependencies and would else end up with to many dependecies or if you want to cover a specific mod/area/festish/whats-o-ever-specific-thingy.

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