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[WIP] League Battle arena for Discworld


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Ok so this is mainly to get some ideas/thoughts


I will probably not get a fully working version of this out in the Discworld Alpha, but I wanted to add a mini game, and why not League of Legends tongue.gif


Layout so far video


The programming is actually pretty easy, have to test a few things as I am planning on going really easy and making the statues actual characters with 0 move speed and unstaggerable. Minions spawning, Inhibitors, etc and resetting it are not too hard.


What I am curious is on thoughts how I would turn this more single player. Should I spawn random heroes down lanes? Spawn the same heroes per lane repeatedly and give the player help in their lanes as well and assume they are mid? 


Should I stick with standard buffs for red and blue, give blue Magicka regen and red a small fire dot and slow?


I am thinking one side with skeletons for melee and caster minions, draugr wizard for canon minion and dragon priest for super minion

Other side Human soldiers and casters, cannon minion as a Warlock and super minion a Giant


What advantage should dragon and baron give and should I script % chances for the enemy teams heroes to engage if the player starts it as well as having their side help?



The other issue is aggro lengths, I don't want to put in hardcapped ones as then players will just kite and shoot the buffs, but also then they would drag dragon and baron into towers. Actually I could do a disengage trigger boxes and if the monster hits the disengage box they full reset health. That may work for everything as I could just make global trigger boxes to akactionref.stopcombat akactionref.healthfull (not exactly but you get the idea)


I think I can pull this off with 3 factions and very very small aggro radius and path markers. Easy on the minions as it would be a constant running placeatme to spawn them and they would have one patrol package to jump them on their way


Also when I am done I will release the source etc in case anyone wants to make it independent of Discworld and tweak it etc.


I was also thinking of a shop with special currency for the game and up to 6 items the player can have on them at a time. Also easy as each minion can have a default script to detect if player is the killer and give them gold. 













Future Plans

   Repeatable engagements with different levels of difficulty

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Oh dude thats easy as shit itl be a default


Event OnDeath(Actor akKiller)
  if (akKiller == Game.GetPlayer())
    akkiller.additem(somegdresource, 19)
I know the lag might be a bitch at some point as the area for the arena is actually 100% inside LOD gen or w/e it's called. I can see one side from the other so this will be interesting to see if it works, might make the minion waves spawn farther apart than standard league cause of that
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Rolled through the 5 levels you have in the v.5 alpha release... it was fun, really liked the mini me daedra close to the end...

Can we get him as a companion later on, he was quite fun.


On by the way... F'n awesome mod!!!

But is there a way to get the guards to shut up (not nobby the other one)... he has like 2 lines and is constantly repeating them when you are on a quest with him and it's just a pain in the ass...... but other then that yeah great mod.


That reminds me I need to go endorse it on nexus...lol

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