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Performance cost for papyrus logging?


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My skyrim is pretty stable at the moment as I've not had a CTD for quite awhile so i was thinking of turning papyrus logging off, is there any noticeable performance gain for having it off? would assume thats the reason why by default its not on.



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The script engine needs to take time to write stuff with logging turned on.

With logging turned off, the script engine just does what it's supposed to: run scripts.


You should never have logging turned on, unless you are actively trying to diagnose a problem or beta test a mod.


As to how much performance you'll gain, it depends on what you have installed. You should see improvement in the timing of things run by scripts though.


For instance, my vamp characters have a smoother time feeding (better vampires), and my [mhkp] hotkeys respond just as well as vanilla keys with logging turned off.

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