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Panties, Skeletons, and Schlongs.


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Would it be possible to make some female underwear that has a bulge in it that scales with penis size from Schlongs of Skyrim? Feel free to correct me, but penis size works off a bone in the skeleton right? Isn't it the same for breast and belly size?


If so, would there be anyone willing to undertake this task, and if not, offer advice as to what would need to be done?

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There are also two mods that add SOS interactive underwear that work on female characters to some extent (UNP basic and UNP Slim work best if not perfectly but others can use them with some clipping issues) that could possibly be used as a base.






I don't know what effect the mod that the SOS Skimpy Crotch Underwear was based upon has on a female body if any,but I'll check it out soon.

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I just remembered that I was going to amend a previous post to include screenshots but forgot that the site was going to be down for maintenance for a while so I might as well post a few now.










As you can see,the Skimpy Crotch Underwear fits without any clipping on a UNP Slim or UNP Petite body but the Jockstrap has minor clipping issues near the curves of the hips. Those probably just need Outfit Studio to get working properly.

From there,they could probably be slightly remeshed and retextured into new garment items which share their responsiveness to SOS.

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The jockstrap is more of what I'm looking for, but the .nifs for it are in a BSA which I do not know how to unpack. I also don't know how to open them up in Outfit Studio and keep the bone weights.

You can open BSA archives with the BSAopt mod available on the Nexus.



As for the other problem,I lack the experience with Outfit Studio to solve that myself at the present. I'll just have read over the tutorial then get some practice before I really know what I'm doing with it. 


Maybe someone else with said experience can tell us all how to keep the bone weights when importing an outfit into outfit studio?

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