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Better Males Nudesuit for SexLab?


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Hey guys. Was wondering...


Is it possible to get a nudesuit for SexLab which uses the Better Males Nude Male Body Erect? The one with FavoredSoul's Meshes? I've been looking everywhere, and i can't find any. And i have way too many issues with Schlongs of Skyrim to use that. Thank you in advance!

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I currently have FavoredSoul flacid body as my main & the erect version for Sexlab.


Just rename and place the erect meshs from FavoredSoul into the Meshs>SexLab folder.


Rename malebody_0.nif to malenudesuit_0.nif

Rename malebody_1.nif to malenudesuit_1.nif


Now place the new renamed meshes into Meshes>SexLab folder, overwriting the old ones.


For this to work, you will need to have FavoredSould installed. You can have the flacid installed

as main body as the texture seem to have the erect & flacid information. The meshes for erect

that you place in SexLab folder will point to that texture and work just fine.


Attached my already renamed meshes, just place in Meshes>SexLab folder.


Better Males Nude Suit.zip


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