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  1. Is this patch still required? I am experiencing a weird issue currently. And i'm not sure what to do about it. And that patch you link to doesn't seem to exist anymore. Here's my issue, at the bottom, with the video.
  2. Hello everyone! I've been wondering about this weird mist/fog for a while... It seems to follow my camera, when i turn the camera. I can run through it, but it will always face the same direction as the camera, no matter which way i turn. Anyone know what it is? Or how i can remove it? Weird Mist.mp4
  3. Hey @Acro748. Loving the mod. I have one tiny issue, though. When i load up my save, the collision doesn't seem to work right, when in HDT SMP mode. I can see the collisions are happening, but they're not working properly. My character's hands can go through her breasts, and the breasts barely react to it. However, if i go to console, and start up RaceMenu, then hit OK and exit RaceMenu, the collisions work perfectly. I tried saving at that point, restarting the game, and loading up my save, but the issue persists. Only way i can make it work, is to go into RaceMenu, then exit
  4. I've checked the options, and made sure everything is as it should be, but i can't get the cum to show up on my character's body. What am i doing wrong?
  5. Well. The thing is, it keeps taking off the chest slot 32 on my female followers. So i just gotta add their armors as revealing in the SOS MCM?
  6. Anyone know if it's possible to tweak the mod to disable the Schlongification stuff? I don't want it to Schlongify my armors, as it keeps making my followers take off their armor.
  7. I'd love to see an option for the game to Schlongify only armor worn by males. All my female followers will randomly walk around without a top on when i meet them, because the mod has Schlongified their top. Or maybe a toggle in the MCM to turn it off. I don't play with revealing male clothing/armors so it's a pain having to clear the schlongified armors over and over, to stop my followers from running around topless.
  8. Hi This is just an Idea and is not proven to work!


    This is the old patch choose, you can choose EVB or BodyTalk model for Supermutant's.


    This mite or mite not work.

    1. Tearoth


      Should i use the V2.7 version of BodyTalk, 'cause i'm currently using the V3.0

    2. mashup47


      I believe it best if you are going to us it. but saying that you could use the evb option when installing this patch when setting up for super mutants  instead of the bodytalk option when you install it.

  9. For some reason, i don't ever see cum textures applied to my character, or to anyone else. I have everything enabled. Is this a common bug?
  10. I'm having the same problem as darknotfear had. I tried these fixes, but none of them works. I still get the jiggling when idling and not moving at all. I noticed it somehow reacts to moving the mouse around my character. They start sagging, and then jiggle around. Anyone have any ideas for a fix? I have the XPMSSE skeleton(s) and everything else is installed as it should be installed. Note: I have also installed ALLGuD ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/28833 ) and i've patched the skeletons to accept the nodes from that mod, so the misc items will be visible. Is t
  11. Yeah. I'm aware of that. I'll uninstall some mods, then start a new game with the same character. Thank you for your help, Nazzzgul. :)
  12. Hmm. Allright. I'll keep that in mind. Infact, i think i'll delete some of my scripted mods that i don't need that badly. Thank you, Nazzzgul.
  13. Yeah. I closed all menus, and let my game chill for around 3 hours. Got back, and it persisted. :/
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