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Skyrim Request- Import 1 set of mod clothing from fallout 3


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Ok, here is my request. On a Japanese site, I found a Touhou mod for fallout 3. There are 2 things from it i'd like to see converted to a playable state for Skyrim:  a ribbon and a dress. I would do this myself, but I have no experience in this, and there is a problem that may make this more difficult than usual.

The meshes, or clothing in this case, was made for a playable child race. The other problem is that Skykids does not work on my computer for some reason, so rescaling it to fit the regular body would be a necessity (after that I can just use racemenu to "child-ify" my character). 


I know this is a big request, and I understand that there might be some "copyright" or something, but if there is anything; anything at all one of you can do, it would be very much appreciated.


Attached to this post is a ZIP file containing the meshes, textures and the ESP file that came with it (not sure if it is needed). 




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thankies o(^p^)o


anyway which dress was it? i saw 15 of them o-o



Just noticed you said you weren't helping. Thats fine, i guess. (serves me right for reading your post to fast and jumping to conclusions). Anyways, here are the names of the files, the files themselves, and a picture


DRESS (textures are highlighted red, meshes are blue)





































Rumia data thing.zip


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