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Beginning Fallout 3

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Im in need of help. Im wanting to install Fallout 3 so that i may test out the mods in this section that sound awsome. the problem is that im used to playing skyrim and using NMM. ive looked online and yes i have downloaded FMM before but it is a bit different from what im used to on Nexus where i select "add mod from file" and it instantly installs it. 

Could someone please help me understand how to use this?


I hope its not as difficult as im making it to be

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Guest endgameaddiction

FOMM is the better choice for Fallout. You can get away from NMM perhaps with Fallout New Vegas, but for Fallout 3, I highly recommend FOMM because most of the files do not support it.


Instead of the FOMM on Nexus I would download this one prideslayer has been keep up to date and has made some great changes.


Installing mods with FOMM is really easy. The thing is you have to organize the archive files to be able to install them with Package Manager on the right side. Package Manager installs FOMOD ready archives, but it handles compresed files like 7zip and Winrar fine as well. The thing about that is you will have to reorganize the loose files to have them set up correctly. An example would be taking the update patches such as mesh or texture fix and overwrite the old broken one's and then repack the file in a archive.


I handled most of my installations through manual for this exact reason. To avoid going through the trouble. But now that I've upped to Mod Organizer, It's a lot of work. I wouldn't recommend MO because it's barely starting to be used for Fallout by a small percentage. Unless you are really familiar with it and know how it truly functions. The other reason why I do not recommend it, is because it's pretty tricky to install FOMODs with MO and right now I'm suspecting that Gopher is probably going to be repacking his FOMODs to be able to handle MO as it looks like it's going to be his mod manager now. Unless you really do know how to install the mods right and get them working, it's kinda useless for the newbie because it can be confusing. Though, it never hurts to try it. It is a wonderful program at best, but with MO you need to take your time and understanding everything it does.


Fallout Mod Manager on the other hand will do you extremely well. The only thing with FOMM is that you cannot download directly from Nexus to the mod manager like with NMM or MO. If you are new to Fallout, I highly recommend sticking with FOMM until you get more familiar with Fallout and if later on you want to make the change, it never hurts. But a tip. I advise with caution on both FOMM and NMM. They had conflicts from launch, but I do not know if it's all fixed now. If you are going to make the switch later, I'd uninstall FOMM first before doing anything with Fallout on another mod manager. I know that MO and FOMM are safe with no problems. But that's because MO is completely different.

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Guest carywinton

Nice post endgameaddiction.


Gravemind218, understanding and working with the file structure and folder structure of Fallout 3 will be the best approach to begin with. Most mods will have a file format of an *.esm file or *.esp file and a few folders textures, meshes, sound, etc. Sometimes the meshes, textures, etc. are nicely packed into a *.bsa, when this is the case, installation is very easy. Merely take the *.esm or *.esp file with the *.bsa and copy them directly into the Fallout 3 data folder, then when you start the game, just place a check mark in it's box and you are good to go.


To prepare a mod for use with FOMM is a bit more involved, fortunately some nice folks will make available their mods in a ready to install format for FOMM called a FOMOD, this is because the file extension will have *.fomod at the end instead of a *.zip, *.rar, *.7z, etc. Also of note some of the mods that are in *.zip,*.rar, *.7z format can have their file extension changed to *.fomod and they are ready to go.


As endgameraddiction noted in their post, with the link provided, to the work being done on Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) by Prideslayer here on the Lab, reading through some of this will be quite helpful as well, I believe he goes into a great detail on setting up mods for use in FOMM.


If I can be of further help to you, don't hesitate to ask, you will find most folks on the Labs here are helpful.

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