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  1. Is there a mod yet that can delay quests like the mod "Timing is Everything" for Skyrim?
  2. I've been having the same issue as other people where the npc begins the dialogue but then my character locks up and no AAF scenes play. Only this mod does it as I've tried Beggar Whore and standard AAF Wizard and they work just fine. Hopefully attaching my log can at least clear up some things? Papyrus.0.log Edit: Forgot to add my load order as well Load Order.txt
  3. Im curious if anyone found a fix for the hiphugger and barnacles not appearing on the PC?I also just had my character get infected with the tentacle armor but when I tried to remove it in the mcm, the checkbox was empty and selecting it did not remove the parasite. Am i messing up on installation or something else?
  4. Ok. Well I got it working now for the most part. But I could have sworn that there is a way to get the language spoken to be English, but every single time the NPCs are speaking German. Is there a certain installation option that I'm missing or what? Edit: Nevermind, took some messing around but I finally got it.
  5. Will this overwrite the living armor included in Sexlab Parasites by any chance?
  6. Installing this mod for the first time in a long time. The only problem Im having is trying to install the ME Training and Auction7z. For some strange reason, my computer wont allow me to install it, and I cant even extract the file manually. (Just says 'Cant open file as archive')
  7. Judging by what you're saying about Harassment and Attributes means that they dont fully work with AAF? If so, it's a minor disappointment but as long as I can get the other mods working again, I'll be happy.
  8. I installed AAF for the latest RSE update and everything seemed to be working But now, even using Sex em up, no animations start. . At first I thought it was just issues with Sexual Harassment/Attributes, now no animations are starting outside the AAF wizard. Will at least attempt to uninstall everything and reinstall to see if that might work. But im almost to the point of downgrading to pre-AAF 4play
  9. installed the latest AAF, followed the setup instructions and I now have a popup on my screen that says "AAF Error: [037] Referencing a plugin that was not installed: DLCworkshop02.esm" Am I missing some extra step? I have all the DLC's and they are all checked in my load order.
  10. Just upgraded my fallout 4 to the current version (don't know why it didn't auto update) and installed the latest AAF v.65 and now none of my animations will play. The dialogue is all there and the Harassment Actors approach but now they don't strip now and the animations dont play. This is my latest Log from when I last played. Hope its just something easy I overlooked Loadorder.txt Papyrus.0.log
  11. Seems when I fix one problem another pops up. I finally got AAF 65 to stop popping up error messages, but now my animations dont work. Dialogue is there, but no stripping and no animations play. I did just recently install SavageCabbage's animation fomod pack. But I dont think that is the full problem. Would reinstalling the other animation packs work? Edit: So I also just tried using the AAF wizard and it says Error: Actor ID 20 not found. Just in case it helps, Im attaching my load order Loadorder.txt
  12. I've installed 65 and when i start the game I get the error "AAF Error: LLFP 0-LLFP either not installed correctly or no minimum required release: 7" Im still getting used to the animation stuff but I could use some help please? Im also getting Actor id 496389 not found when I use the wizard
  13. Im currently still troubleshooting whats wrong but I've followed these instructions and yet none of my animations are working. Prolly not the place to put this post, but I dont know what the problem is. Going to try a fresh start and try again. Just in case, hopefully these can help someone pinpoint what exactly Im doing wrong. Going to be pissed if its something simple I skipped Papyrus.0.log LoadOrder_Fallout4_2017-09-11T23-32-09.txt
  14. I know its a minor question, but Ive been trying out all the restraints and outfits and the only one I cant seem to get so far in the game is the tentacle monsters. Do I need another mod or is it a part of something I missed?
  15. First Load a save before you talk to Doctor Sun What does this console command show you: getquestrunning FPFP_Player If it returns 0 try startquest FPFP_Player Still nothing. the quest running did pop up 0, started the quest and waited till it said Thanks for installing before I talked to him. But he yet again said I was going into labor and to get it done quickly. and then no screen fade and no deflated belly nor baby. Gonna be pissed if its something I did or installed wrong
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