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I neeed some advise on getting a penis mod I guess?

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Hi, I've never posted on these forums before so I'm kinda new here :x uhm.. Hi I guess?


    Anyway, I recently have decided to do a fresh setup of Skyrim! Totally redoing everything and starting a new game due to learning as I've gone with Modding. This brings me to my point, I want to use Sanguine Debauchery enhanced in my build.

    From what I understand "beautiful males & bodies" is what most people use for male penises. However I kinda hate how that mod turns everyone into pretty boy, pouty, supermodels... so understandably I was drawn to SOS, however that apparently causes a great deal of issues with SD+. I saw there's a "Lite" version and was hoping that would work well enough, but I figured I should make a post and see what the community here would have to say about it. So... What do you guys think? Should I try SOS lite? or should I try something else? or?


                                                                       .......also hi :x

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Well if you are using MO (Mod Organizer) you can try whatever you want without them ever ruining your skyrim build as everything you add gets placed into a virtual area instead of your skyrim directory which means it will keep it clean forever and you will never have to reinstall it again. Unless you change computers or something like that. So if you are using MO I would just say try it and it and if you don't like it you can remove it without any problems.

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Well just as a rule of thumb, you should never use any type of sex mod, even basic stuff, in your actual "playing" game. You never know how unstable some of them might be, and seeing as most are always in beta and constantly updating, it can really mess up your game if you are keeping it up to date and trying new stuff out. Leading to constant wipes of your games.


But besides all that, most people use SoS as their body these days. I've never used SD myself, so I'm not sure what the conflict would be. But if a mod has a conflict with what male body you're using, it's sounds like a safe bet to avoid using said mod. Body types should never be a conflict with a sex mod. Seems like a weird thing, but again, I've never used SD myself, so no idea on that.



But as I said, most use SoS these days. I personally use SoS Full. Works fine for me with everything, haven't had any issues with it.

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