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Lovers with PK glitchy penis?

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Well that didn't work... I don't know maybe I'm doing something wrong? I put the Controllable skeleton in the folder like it told me then I re-installed the LAPF skeleton. That's what it told me to do in the thread then I tried what you suggested but it still does the same thing.

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Yes first install the Growlf's Universal Skeleton (the controllable one  ! not the total controllable Version)

Then install LAPF (NOTE: You will be overwritting a portion of this when you install LAPF so don't panic.)


Now you need to use either Wrye or OBMM to archive invalidate via Bsa Redirection.  If you do not know how then just read this: http://cs.elderscrol...BSA-redirection

And here how to do it with Oblivion Mod Manager http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15185-xeo-sp/?view=findpost&p=496940

If you don't set archive invalidate your game use the original game Skeleton without breast and butt bones and you see stretched breasts and penis.


! And if you use LoversCreatures you must install it again after LAPF !  You need the LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp and LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp from Lovers creatures.



Do not install Oblivion in the folder specified by the Installation ( C:\ programfiles.....), Change it, best not in C: (if your Windows crashed/virus and you must delete whole C all your mods are gone). Problem are the fucking administrator rights, some Oblivion programs do not work right with the standart Folder, or you have Problems to overwrite files,......


The archive invalidate make a entry in your Oblivion INI, but it can not do it if you have installed your game in C:\ programfiles.....

So your INI is not changed and archive invalidate does not work and the game use the wrong Skeleton.

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