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Random Crashes with new armor mod


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Hi there, today i encountered a problem that i just cant figure out. I installed a new armor mod for the unpb body bbp. I can load the game fine and i can equip the armors with no issue. Yet after a couple of minutes of playing the game will ctd. I have made sure that i have a bbp enabled body with a working skeleton and i still cant figure this out. If anyone has come across anything like this before and know any advise it would be appreciated.


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I do have the HDT Highheels System installed, i dont think that would be the issue cause it doesn't crash on start up. Only after a bit of playing. As well i have the hdt physics extension. But do i need the hdt breast physics extention as well? i dont see how that would make a difference for an armor with just plain bbp.

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I thought i would give the Memory patch a shot, so i installed the memory log and reinstalled the armor mod to see if the i was in fact having memory related crashes. Since reinstalling the armor mod i have not had any crashes yet. Do you think it would still be worth enabling the memory patch?

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