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  1. that sounds more like a mod conflict then issue with the black talon outfit mod. And what exactly do you mean by "shorts to 1.5, pants to 2.0, pants armor to 1.0" ?
  2. the dunmer i believe was never meant to be found by the player, because there are no other dialogs for those 2 slavers. ( checking via TES5Edit ) So i believe it is as intended you fight them
  3. Imho, if you agreed to carry on using your fathers avatar. Stay and use your fathers avatar. To me it doesnt bother me at all, since the writting style is different ( And as i see it that doesnt change overnight, some may agree on that some dont )
  4. reason is from what ive learned, if they dont cause major game issues. there isnt really any reason to remove those ITMs or dirty edits, because in some cases they are there for a reason so a mod will actually work as the modcreator had wanted/planned
  5. No your not the only one my test returned 1231 ITMs , but from my experience it isnt always adviced to clean a esm/esp.
  6. your plugin load order should be located in your characters profile folder along with the modlist, i recall it being the the loadorder.txt that shows the what MO will use.
  7. sound like your missing a master plugin, do you have HDT HighHeels ( http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36213/? ) installed aswell ?
  8. the animations triggered for the most part works fine for me depending on which form me character is in, the gender recognition has been working for me without issues pretty much on first install with PSQ 2.9+ Although i did switch off a zaz animation function inwhich it replaces them if needed.
  9. Actually i got that aswell on my end aswell, havent really explored further into it atm. There is a new function in 2.9 to handle the succubus as male for sexlab if the succubus have a penis, but this function still not works correct. But you can use this mod: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/715-sexlab-gender-change/ Awkward bud =/ Cause its working fine for me, maybe im just lucky with the installorder and the loadorder MO's (Mod Organizer) integrated loot suggested.
  10. the armor mesh normalmap settings is different compared to the body meshes, hence the seams. unfornunately i cant help there, as i rarely fiddle around with those settings on the meshes themselfs.
  11. just out of curiousity, are you using a BBP/TBBP enabled skeleton?, that is the major reason in most cases of CTD when using BBP/TBBP/HDT body/armor/clothing mods
  12. alot of custom races have their own folders for meshes/skeletons and texture files. those that dont usually use the vanilla filepath for meshes, skeletons and textures.
  13. Nawh wast, not at all =P When its released, slap a PM my way and ill add it to my Armor/Clothes post
  14. for vanilla headmeshes sure, but not for races like Lunari or Ningheim bud they use their own headmeshes, in some instances that could cause ugly or odd deformations IF i recall correctly.
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