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Turn Sexrim-mods for Skyrim Version 6 to english


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Hey guys I am new here so I am not sure if this is the right place to post, but did you ever hear of Sexrim-mods for Skyrim Version 6, its a mod pack made by russians that contains many mods for sexlab. I can't really post links but you can easily find it if you search for it in google.

Can any kid sir please tell me what are the mods that are in this mod pack so I could download them individualy because its all in russian or a way to turn them to english?

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Googlefu says...



Looking at preview images it looks like sexlab framework (possibly), + Estrus, Zaz Animation Pack (gags and being bound), and Calypis's strap-on... maybe more...


You'ld be better off going to the following area of LL and gett'n what cha need.




Or it could just be a continuation of Doc's old sexrim


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