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Help Jakcs head Mass Effect on skyrim


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Hi, Ifound this looking on internet and it looked pretty cool so i decided to put it on my skyrim, but i have a problem, when i put on ck lets say like a helmet or mask or something like that, i cant get it work... the character head just poof, does't show.... i tried to look with the nifskope if i dont know maybe a wrong ninode, but im stuck, and i cant edit with 3d program cause im suck with that... so i was wondering if maybe someone could help me whith this... i tried for months get jack in skyrim but not as a hole model just the head to can change her clothes and armor (using the skyrim armors) so my intention was use this head (maybe like a helmet) with a skyrim body...

thanks in advance


Note: Sorry for my english i know is kinda crap :)



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