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[help] belly inflation for UNP?


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Hi there fellow players,


I'm not a modder myself and I dont know much about the codes and CK in general, but I do enjoy mods that other people make and share.

So thank you  to all the great modders and devs how make the game more fun and enjoyable.


Anyway as the tile say, I currently use a UNP Blessed body with some skin mods too. But I cant get the belly inflation to work with UNP.


Could anyone be kind enough to guide me though the process ? Is it even possible or do I need to use CBBE to get this option ?


Many Thanks

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I would also like some help on this, I have the following installed



XP32 Maximum Skeleton 2.00b (about to upgrade to latest ver 2.06)

Shlongs of Skyrim ver .33


I have done the female head and male hands link and the physics works and remembered to change pre belly node in the HD PE default xml.


I read you need bodyslide so tried this and installed



HDT Bodyslide 1.5


when I run this and select the unp body it doesn't show me any sliders but I can preview the two extremes of the body


any help appreciated






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