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Add additional Item categories in CS/E?


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I spent about an hour or so looking all over on how to do this, with no results. What I'm looking for is how to add more Item sub categories. For instance, say for Item category Armor or Clothing, have a new sub category based on an author, which I've seen done. Just cannot for the life of me figure out how it was done.

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I do not think that's possible,or there would be already a mod who can do it.

And if you add a new category you must also change the whole inventory menu ( new Buttons, new textures,.... )

Thought there are Menu Mods that can sort Items inside a category ( Show only clothes or show only armor) But never saw a Mod with a new category.


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i do not remeber well        but i think you need first add your folder in oblivion data  exemple   Varenne clothes      in data/meshes/clothes/Varenne .         than  you open cs and you create your clothes     and i think it will automaticaly add  a Varenne subcathegorie folder    

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Yes in CS you have the subfolders ( I have LoverBitch Folders in statics, misc, ...) only new stuff in that Folders, not new item that use a vanilla mesh and you create a new Version with different Name.

But no new categories in game.


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You can see an example in one of the versions of Krista's Anvil Bay Mystery House. (I'll post a screen capture when I get a chance.) I just thought it was extremely useful as it groups items nicely by that MOD or Author. Makes it very easy to find stuff for edits, expansions, etc.


And not new main Item categories, just sub categories under exisitng ones; Armor, Clothes, etc.


I'll try what kingkong suggests and keep playing around with folders and see if I can trigger it.

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No it is set in the esp

Example LoversBitch: Meshes\LoversBitch\  "subfolders " inside are different meshes. In the esp some meshes are set as static some as misc some as activators.

In the CS I see in static a new LoversBitch Folder with Subfolders playerroom,CTD,objects,...

In WordObjects-activators is also a LoversBitch Folder and in Items - MiscItem is a LoversBitch Folder


If you create a Folder meshes\Krista\Krista\"Modname" Folder and inside are only armors you have in CS a Folder in Items- armor - Krista- "Modname"

If you have clothes and armors in the Folders you have Items- armor - Krista - "Modname"   and  Items- clothing - Krista - "Modname"

And if there are also some static meshes from Anvil Bay Mystery House inside you have a static - Krista - Krista - "Modname" Folder.


! Krista\Krista i use because the CS "cuts" the first Folder if the objects are armors or clothes ( Don't know  why ) Armor and clothes model path is the ground nif

My LoversBitch clothes use the ground nif  meshes\LoversBitch\LBgnd.nif and in the CS I see Items- clothes - LBgnd.nif Folder ( yes a Folder with a nif Name) So the CS replace the first Folder of clothes object with "clothing" and you see items-  clothing - Krista - "Mod Name" Folder ( Not items-  clothes - Krista - Krista  "Mod Name" ) If you only have one Krista Folder you see in CS  items-  clothes -  "Mod Name" ( no Krista Folder)


Perhaps put clothes in the clothes Folder  ( Meshes\clothes\Krista\ "Mod Name"   and in CS you see items-  clothing - Krista - "Mod Name" ( the clothes Folder is replaced by the CS clothing Folder)

The same with armors !


The CS always sort the object in the installed Folders.

If you copy a vanilla object e.g. Upperclass shoes 01, create a copy in CS, rename it ( new Name and ID) "Boots of running" add Magic +50 Speed. You will find the new "Boots of running" in Items  - clothing  - Upperclass - 01 Folder, not in your Krista Folder.

If you want it in the Krista Folder you must copy the mesh and place it in the Krista Folder and use that mesh for your "Boots of running"

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