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UNPK extra TBBP- tweaked UNPK body


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Hello everyone. I've been making tiny tweaks to the UNPK body recently to make the hdt bits move around just the way I like, and I thought I'd post some stuff here because there are 4 or 5 of you (lol) who like the UNPK body. I made the TBBP weighting heavier on the body, so it should bounce around more. I've uploaded some videos showing the results. If you want to have the same results you need to download the XPMSE skeleton, use the hdt xml file I have on the main UNPK page (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32540/?) and use the ndh animation overhaul. 


Here's a link to a video on Dailymotion-




The quality kind of sucks so I provided the video file here. I also uploaded a video file showing some sexlab animations, so you can see how things look during sexytimes.





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Too much bounce for me, I'll keep my current unpk set up for now  :cool:


Correct me if I'm wrong: isn't the magnitude of the movement controlled by the *.xml files? So "new modell" means meshes and probably textures; and how strong the bouncing effect is can be controlled manually.

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