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[Idea's]Several idea's; Incubation;new interactable critters, village of Special Pleasures


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Several idea's; Incubation (of animals(+humans)and a new SexLab complimentary: -----F/*kable/Insertable critters).

And thus a new kind of breed in Skyrim; interactable critters.

On top of that and my third idea: 



Talking about incubations


[i will work it out later]


And what about the new critters?


[it is a land of great beasts :P]



Where should the village be located?


[i have several, will upload them later]








Let me know what you think of them......

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1) there are multiple pregnancy mods


2) there is a mod called animal mansion. it doesn't add any new beasts though.


Both true, although I don't know of any general incubation mod, hybrid werewolfs yes, but other please point me to it ..


And I'm not looking for just one house, but a whole village in the mountains, with some eyedropping views while it all happens.

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