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playing female, set no pregnancy for player?


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I am, for all intents and pruposes, trying to play a transgendered character. Is there a way to either set my character for LPK and tamago purposes to male, or to at least set my character to be unable to become pregnant.




EDIT: more questions, is this the setting I may be looking for

;Enable/disable player acquiring sperm after internal cumshot
set a4tc.AllowPC  to 1


Is it possible to hide the game mechanic items (such as the womb) or would it cause trouble?



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female humanoids - such as minoutaurs and goblins? You want female creatures ?

You know you can not fuck creatures ! ( not possible with Lovers and no animations) Chreatures always fucks Player/NPCs. 

Female Monster/Creatures meshes ( and male ) Oblivion Sexualized Monsters V 1.3 by Rebel O'Conner

All vanilla Creatures with penis http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/276-creatures-replacers-with-dicks/


LoversCreatures only use meshes with penis for the summoned creatures (Lovers summon creatures spell)

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I know, but it still seems weird to find a female monster and it still is jsut the male model.


There are no female creature models, and you can never penetrate creatures, only have them penetrate you.


However, TamagoClub has an option to add womb to a certain percentage of creatures, i assume that's what you are talking about.

You can change that by opening Oblivion\Data\ini\TamagoClub.ini  and changing "set a4tc.FemaleCreatureRate to xx" where xx is percentage of creatures to have womb. set to 0 to have no females.

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