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Looking for a specific style of armor mod


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Way back when, when I played Dungeon Siege 2, there was a mod for it that was everything I ever wanted in an 'adult' armor mod. The armors were designed to be protective, but not cover breasts and/or genetalia. They were really well designed and each armor set had their own way of being nude where it counted.


I want to find a mod like that for Skyrim. The thing is, I don't really like the 'skimpy' armor idea, because they don't cover anything but what I'd actually like to see regularly. :P So, what I'm asking here is: are there any 'skimpy' armor mods that actually leave it hanging out? I'd preferably want males and females, but if I have to settle for one or the other I'd prefer female.

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Many of the armors that I listed on page 44 of the SOS for females thread (especially the Remodeled Armors for CBBE/UNP/UNPK,You Call That Skimpy and LSAR) are just that kind of armor as is the Optional variant of the Deathshell Armor on the list of armors converted to SevenBase bodies(at number 31).

The Dragon Princess and Trielek Armor mix and the remodeled TERA armors also look to provide selctive protection in the way that you seem to be looking for.

If you combine one of those armors with one of the armored types of the Cloak of Lace for Ladies or a cape from Winter is Coming or Cloaks of Skyrim and one can dress one's characters up like female versions of ancient Greek mythological heroes now.












That ought to cover a wide enough selection of body types for now.

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I think A Little Sexy Apperal Replacer is the closest you find. Personal i agree skyrim need armor that have the genital uncover hey protect the rest of the body or have armor that are see though on the character where they protect the body but you can see the body under it too. I can't see a warrior running into battle with a armor that look like a bra and panty and not get a major organ smash in, cut open, or burned away.




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