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  1. You go my idea correct. I love for her wake up in a collar with a pair of toy in my character at doc mic house lock on her. even better if you can add a waist behind back walking animation to GSB's BDSM items. As for toy model if you go to Sexout Common Resources, one of there link for the Base Non-SexoutStore/Pregnancy Requirements: have you models for them. SCR Spectrums toy pack has all the anal and dildo toy model in them. GSB's BDSM has the cuffs outfit models if that helps.
  2. I would love to see a NV version of this mod as well. Special if a non-removable vaginal plug was added to go with the collar.
  3. Soaryne

    SexLab Pheromones

    yes that was my expect though on the mod was to have it's pheromones to make creature friendly for the time the pheromones are in effect and pair it with Aroused Creatures for any sex effect. personally I love to have that feature as an option. If the faction add is a problem you could have the pheromones be a cloak spell effect that act like a calm spell on that creature when they get hear you. Honest I don't know why other always ask to add things that other mods do well already. Those at the things that kill ideas or mods. What I was asking was to make non-spawn versions of that creature friendly as an add effect. This way you have a reason to want them and add a nice added plus side to the effect downside. As for any sex effect that want mods like Aroused Creatures are best for once animal are friendly.
  4. Soaryne

    SexLab Pheromones

    Would it be possible to have the creature you have the Pheromone be always friend or set the pheromone to have a calm effect on the non-spawn creature when they get new you?
  5. Soaryne

    Caged Followers

    First great mod idea. Second, As for adding binding but keeping them combat-ready. The simplest way to pull that off is if the player has DDX install it add one of the armbinders from DDX to the follower when the quest starts. Armbinder are the only restraint you don't need a key to unlock and remove from a follower. Also adding a chained pearl anal plug and/or a blindfold & ring gag would add to immerse and the feeling of the follower was helpless. Plugs, blindfolds, and gags don't impact npc combat abilities and you can add text that said they unhook the follower's anal chain form the cage. This would give the feeling of what they had planed for the follower without limiting their combat-readiness once you remove the armbinder form their inventory to free them.
  6. Soaryne

    Sexout Rex

    Great mod. Would you be willing to make a version of your mod that does the same thing for the Legendary Nightstalker Companion mod? https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/49139?
  7. I'm having problems with POP versions 3.56 starting and not show up in my MCM menu. When I use POP version 3.51 I have no problems. However when I try v3.56 it will not start up the mod or show up in the MCM menu even after wait 4 hour real life then saving, then loading the save wait 3-4 hour real life time after using a consul command to force the POP v3.56 start it will still not show up on my MCM or start on a new game If I try to load up the new save with v3.56 with v3.51 it will that still will not show POP in my mcm or start up. However if I start a new game with v3.51 then save and load in v3.56 it will update and show up in the MCM menu but will not trigger any the the pop event unless I'm using v3.51. I run FNIS v7.4.5 after every change I make to my load order or mods I use. Does anyone know what is causing POP v356 to not start up or show up on my MCM menu on even a new game with to other mods loaded that impact arrest system or jail cells and with a light to medium script load order?
  8. Soaryne

    Use game controller as Vibrator!

    I love to see your program content to this mod. I know few friends that been wanting have a way to have devious devices plug and sexlab animation to trigger her real life toys.
  9. Soaryne

    Sexout Tryout

    My steam garden of even and creation kit are not working at all or i would have. Everytime I Load up my either my skyrim or fallout NV kits they close and remove all .bsa files form my game where I have to do a complete reinstall because verify integrity will not fix it. If you can tell me or send me to a form that will tell me how to make my GOE kit work correctly I be more then happy to do it myself.
  10. Soaryne

    Sexout Tryout

    Can you make a patch so walk of shame and sunny companion option of tryout will would with the Vulpine version of sunny form Vulpine race NPC mod? https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/61931
  11. Soaryne

    S_L_U_T_S Redux

    I use both and form what your posted it sound like you game is too script heavy. I get that problem or SLUTS not triggering right away when my I add to many bsa or script heavy mods to my game.
  12. Soaryne

    Devious Device Helpers

    Can you add an option to do play time to a follower where the the follower will be bound when enter set areas
  13. Soaryne

    S_L_U_T_S Redux

    This mod make help on setting up carriage drives and new locations for ponygirls runs https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56705
  14. Soaryne

    Naked Dungeons

    Bug Report. The harmless option to make human/Mar NPC not attack you and bound hand rules for guard not to punish you if you hand are bound don't work with the player is in linked gloves from DCL. straitjackets form DDx, or Petsuits for DDx.
  15. Soaryne

    Commoner Belts

    I don't see why you can but since my Creation kit hasn't work since day one and when no one reply to nay of the help question on why it keep removing all the .bsa script for close out of it and not letting me open papyrus script I can't tell you for sure. I know using tes5edit the it xx0012DB (XX is the load order number when using tes5edit). You just ind the clothing in armor tap of Skyrim.esm choose copy as an override to Commoner belt.esp. then go to commoner belt.esp and click on the armor tap Then go to the keyword add in each of the clothing you addded to it right click ton keywork bar and choose add new keyword. Then add the keywork ID number to the new keyword tad. If you like I can add them for your and IM you the edits it to you. Are farmclothes01-farmclothes04 and minerclothing all the clothing this mod impacts?