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Animation problem (both parties standing right in front of each other naked

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this is my load

Fallout NV



Sexout common resource

Sexout Slavery

Sexout Store


wasteland sex module

sexout ZAZ

Sexout sex

Sexout SCR debug

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when I initiate Dialogue sex, or get raped, all my character and the other participants do is strip naked stand inside of each other (if that makes sense) I'm pretty sure I got the latest NVSE and NVSE extender (at first I Was missing it because the game kept telling me I needed the extender. it went away after I installed it) I installed the BnB body extender compatibility skeleton. All of this I've donwloaded and installed yesterday/today so i can say it's not out of date. any ideas what I might

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Check out the Sexout installation tutorial. Make sure you did each and every step and your problem should resolve itself. Link in Sig. It is from BruceWayne.


Also to avoid future problems follow the SCR Resources Tutorial and install everything there. Link also on the sig. Otherwise you will have big red triangles and / or floating heads with some of the armors sold in Sexout Store. ( and used by many mods. ) Since you are new. Download the PDF it is larger but more detailed.

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