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Made custom armor. Invisible textures in-game but not in CK or Nifskope.

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So I've ported a dress mod from Oblivion into Skyrim, and I'm having a few issues. It's working, I can actually equip it, I can see it in the crafting menu, I even made two different meshes for CBBE and UNP - but there's just one problem.


It doesn't show up. The only thing that does show up is my nekkid body.






(I have no clue why the outfit mesh is off-position like that in the menu.)



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Why it is that off position I don't know, but I have the same issue with some armors I have installed (not created ^^).


But for your question of visibility: I just make an educated guess, but I would say, that there is a body mesh within your armor file, because of the body that is visible in the second picture. I've never seen a body like this in any published armor yet, so maybe this is the problem.

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