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SexLab turns UI off. Does not turn it back On.

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It sounds like it might be running DisablePlayerControls without turning them back on. I'm not sure on a permanent fix, but you can bring it back with


enableplayercontrols 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0


in the console. I might have too many 1's in there, but if it complains, take out a 1. Make sure the last number is a zero. I hope that helps!

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I have full control of my character.  I can play the game normally.  But the compass is Gone, the heatlh/stam/mag bars are gone, the Target Reticle is gone, the messages in the upper left hand corner are gone.  If I happen to Open my Inventory while there's a message in the Upper Left Hand Corner, then I can see it again.  But as soon as I close my Inventory then its wiped away again.


It just completely shuts the UI off for good.


I wish SexLab had an option to turn off the UI Turning Off.

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To toggle the UI on and off with the console, the command is simply: 


I have a similar issue, but mine is caused by another mod, immerse first person view, where when a profile actives, it automatically turns off my HUD after I turned it back on when scenes end. In other words, if you have another mod that potentially plays with the HUD visibility, chances are, they are conflicting somewhere.



Edit: If you have persistent issues with this, I would suggest you look for a mod called "Screenshot Assist" by SaLa, it is on the Nexus. It will allow you to set a hotkey for TM so you can activate it on and off on the fly.

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Yeah, I'm aware of the TM command.


But its not the issue either.


TM disables EVERYTHING, even the Console.


Thats not what I'm suffering from.  I'm only missing the in-game UI as previously mentioned.


I'm completely stumped on how to fix it, or why SL would even do this to begin with.

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SexLab itself doesn't touch the UI in anyway. You likely have some other mod installed that's failing to turn it back on, either a non-sexlab mod like Immersive First Person, or a 3rd party SexLab mod that tries to turn off the menu itself when starting scenes. Disable your SexLab mods one by one with the exception of SexLab.esm and use SexLabMatchMaker to test scenes until you find the mod that's turning off menus.

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