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Red Light Center (Adult Social MMO)

Darkening Demise

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Anyone ever check this product out? I've tried messing around with the free account and it doesn't seem worth paying $20 a month for. :/

The graphics, animations, and overall quality is poor compared to today's other products like 3DXChat. There's an update coming soon that will bring a whole new product to replace the current one with enhanced graphics and animations but it still looks poor. Idk if it's worse than Second Life!







slide1.jpgslide1.jpgRed Light Center (RLC) is a privately owned Massively Multi-User Reality (sm) site that was made available to the public early in 2006 by Utherverse Inc.

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I was there back in 2006, when it first launched. They didn't even have skirts then. They had slutty, tarty, slutty, slutty or a t-shirt and jeans for female avatars and t-shirts and jeans for male ones. They released enough stuff to allow people to design clothing, so I did that. Then they changed how it worked and added skirts, so I started doing it the new way and including skirts. For a while, you couldn't even get through the entrance room without seeing people wearing my designs. I did a few people's wedding dresses. Then they changed the graphics engine. The old one used pixel-sampling so an occasional white pixel in an otherwise dark texture would occasionally flash, like a sequin. The new one used merging, so all those sequins turned into toothpaste spots. I spent a whole weekend fixing that. The old engine also allowed scaling. The official size for a shirt was 256x256, I think, but it was possible to use a mostly-empty 2048x2048 image to do just a necklace, bracelet or ring in wonderful detail without being a memory hog. The new engine turned all that detailed jewellery into coloured blobs like ... like ... well, like someone used pineapple-and-mango smoothie to fake a bukkake scene, in one case. I wasn't particularly impressed by that change.


After about a year, I took another look, not much had changed into the world but they had changed the clothing-upload system. Instead of being able to provide them with fabulous new designs and hours of work just for the fun of it, I would have had to pay a membership fee to have access to the design system, and then hope to make enough in-world currency selling access to my designs to other players to be able to trade it in for the real-world currency I'd spent on the fee for membership. Then I got a lot of grief from someone who had paid a membership fee, saying "greenies" like me shouldn't be allowed in so many places and shouldn't be allowed to speak.

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Second Life's ability to look good is entirely within the player's hands.  You choose, everything, about what your character looks like. Skin to animation and everything else.  So if your character is ugly, then its because you haven't done a good enough job making them not-ugly.


Animations are made by the players, so all you have to do is find ones you approve of.


The game is old, yes, but its improved with the additions of Mesh Clothing / Avatars in the past few years.


Oh, and there's a "sequel" in production, so in a couple more years you'll have what will likely be a state-of-the-art version.

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