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Does anyone have screenshots of pregnancies?


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I've found by searching but I'm not sure if they're actually from the Sexout pregnancy mod. I'm really primarily interested in the pregnancy, and installing all of this seems like a headache to someone who isn't very bright or computer literate (me). If anyone has some screenshots of pregnancies from their own games (or even little stories of ones that have happened, like that other thread) I'd be interested, to see if it's worth all the effort. I've been disappointed by other pregnancy games before. Which isn't to dismiss the work here- I'm really impressed how much talent and effort is put into these mods. 

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Installing mods isn't usually that hard as long as you *read* the info on the modders page which is usually the first post in the thread as it will show and say what their mod needs and usually if there is anything that will conflict with the mod that will also be posted there. There is usually also links to the mods needed list in those posts. For fallout new vegas it is best to use FOMM (fallout mod manager) as your mod installer. Which can be found on LL here in the fallout area.

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