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Roleplay ideas/help? (Sexual)

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First, this is for an Xbox360 playthrough, so I don't have mods(no DLC eitehr), but this is the only mature skyrim forums I could find, so here goes.


My character's going to be a redheaded Nord archer. She's also a mercenary. I'll probably do the companions, and possibly the dark brotherhood quest lines just for the radiant quests and gold income from them. 

Meanwhile, I need ideas for roleplay encounters that could happen - Preferrably some adult/sexual. (Hence I'm using this forum)


Feel free to message me any ideas. Thanks.

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You can role play on the console. It just requires more imagination and pretending something happened then it actually happening.


But you could pretend maybe the brother's Farkas and Vilkas tested the strength of her "sword arm" privately in their rooms. Or one of my favs... my last Dark Brotherhood character slept with many of her targets before killing them. Of course I am on the PC so anything I wanted to do was possible to set up.


But a good RP is not planned. Sometimes you'll just be somewhere and think "Hey this is a good spot to have blah blah happen" like say your clearing a cave of falmer for Farkas and next thing you know your overwhelmed and gang raped by those blind little buggers. Stuff like that.

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Well what I meant by roleplay is what I come up with to happen, not actual game mechanics. (Example: If I die during a bandit ambush, when I respawn I'll throw some valuables away that they took, then RP waking up later assuming they took them. Etc.)


Still, good suggestions will make there be more potential. Stuff you gusy think of, I might not.

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It's tough, honestly, to try and put myself back into console Skyrim mode having been playing it on PC for so long. I'm not sure I can even remember what the vanilla game is like. But I'm sure there are things that can be done.


Maybe your follower or husband/wife is a bit of a dominant and you're under orders to strip to your underwear in certain circumstances. Like when in one of the cities, and you have to walk around, trading and talking with people with the humiliation of wearing no clothes and having to listen to their rude comments.


Maybe you favour the Empire and whenever you encounter a group of Stormcloaks you have to drop your weapons and follow them for a while, like their prisoner. And the same if you favour the Stormcloaks and you see Imperial soldiers out on patrol.


Maybe your character has a thing for carrots and has to pick up or buy them whenever she finds any. What she does with those carrots in the privacy of her own home is her business, but something like that could be an interesting quirk. :lol:


When I play games like Skyrim I always come up with stories about the characters I play. Who they are, where they come from, how they got to the game's starting point, where they want to go from there, how they want to do it. It can take a while to get a believable, three dimensional character but it's always worth the effort because I find myself caring about him or her a lot more and enjoying the experience of playing them for much longer. It also allows you to have distinct characters, so no two end up being too samey.


Mods make this sort of thing much, much easier, but your imagination can fill in a lot of the blanks. What are your character's hopes, fears, ambitions, motivations? How much is she likely to oppose or sympathise with the various factions in the game? Are there certain enemies that make her lose the plot when she faces them? (Maybe the Falmer creep her out so much she abandons all training and discipline and just charges in, screaming and swinging until nothing moves.) What items would she value? Maybe she collects certain things (along with carrots :P ) or maybe she carries a certain type of flower or herb around and leaves one on each of her victims' bodies as a kind of calling card?


Don't be afraid to give it plenty of thought before starting out, and don't be afraid to start over if you get a little way into the game and find your plan isn't working the way you'd hoped. This kind of thing is really fun!

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The Temple of Dibella in Markarth is a temple devoted solely to women, and is mostly interpreted to be a very "sensual" congregation. In reality, it's programmed quite vanilla (ha! puns...), but it'd be a place to start a roleplay for where a character might learn and meditate on the art of eroticism.


Cidnha Mine in Markarth as well might be good for roleplaying a bit, as it is an open prison with "no way out". A lot of life-sentences down there that would welcome a softer touch...


Haelga in Riften is a worshipper of Dibella as well, and tends to give a token of her worship to her "gentlemen callers" - so her Bunkhouse might make for a good roleplay, since it is open plan with a lot of occupants.


If you do Thieves Guild, there is a stark-contrast in ratio between men and women...Go where you will with that. (That said, I really wish Thrynn or Brynholf was a marriagable option! My game broke before I could fix that.)

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