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Modded armor looks a lot brighter and more transparent after going indoors


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alright, so the first image (00005) you will see is me wearing my armor, no problems, but the second picture (00008) is of me quickly taking a screenshot after kinda... forcing my 3rd person camera really close to my body by using a wall. normally, this would cause your body to become more and more transparent until eventually disappearing, but as you can see in the screenshot, that still happens, but not before my armor flashes a violently bright white. now, normally i would have no problem with this, but, as shown in my 3rd (00017) screenshot, if i enter certain indoor areas in 1st person, my armor will be stuck in this effect, even if i go into 3rd person, as shown in my 4th (00018) screenshot. Interestingly enough, this doesnt happen if I enter the building while in 3rd person. ways i can (temporarily) remove the effect are as follows (and a pain in the ass to do every time): save after entering and reload, take out then close pip boy, and interestingly enough, briefly forcing my 3rd person camera close to my body in the same manner as mentioned earlier also removes the effect. also included is a screenshot of what my armor looks like from 1st person WITHOUT the fucked up effect (00010).  i thought id include it for comparison against screenshot 00017. 


anyway, the mods im using that are most likely responsible for fucking things up is enhanced camera (see your body in 1st person) and some cluster fucked combination of the ghost armor mods I 'frankenstiened' together (mostly just the meshes) in order to get the armor working with sexout pregnancy, sexout store, and bnb. trying to revert to an older mesh where (I think) i didnt have this problem didnt do anything. I also recently moved my fallout files over from an old drive to a new one which caused some other, unrelated, weird shit that i (think i) eventually resolved, but i thought it would be worth mentioning, just in case it might be the culprit.  anyway, i would greatly appreciate any help, so if you have any ideas, please let me know.






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enbs caused weird flares up for me on certain armor. But it doesnt seem you are using enb?


But since you messed around the mesh that probably was the reason why something went wrong. Perhaps something went wrong with the glow textures?


That ghost armor brings back good memories.

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