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Trying to make a ghost NPC (as in etherial)


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I am trying to turn Brynolf into a ghost. In some parts of Skyrim there are ghost enemies that have a blue cloudy look to them, that is what I am going for. If anyone knows how to do it please help me out.


(And for the love of Talos, please don't give me one of those "let me google this for you links." I've done a large amount of searching for the answer and still can't find it.) 

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Without having much in the way of modding knowledge myself, you could try to apply a permanent version of the visual spell effect caused by the Become Ethereal shout or the Philter of the Phantom to him. Perhaps you could make a spell using creation kit that applies a permanent version of the effect to your target?


Alternatively, i found this on(i know you said not to, but it seems relevant...) Google:

"After you have created your NPC, find the script box in the Actor dialogue. Click Add. Look for defaultGhostScript in the window that pops up. Select it and add it. Select the script that has appeared in the script box. It has no properties at the moment and still won't work. Once selected click Properties (to the right of the script box). When the script's dialogue opens there will be two buttons at the bottom of the window on the left hand side. One will read 'Auto Fill'. Click it. 11 or so properties should be auto filled by the CK. Click whatever affirmative option will close this dialogue. Do the same for the Actor dialogue to ensure your changes are saved. Save your mod. Load Skyrim. Use the colsole command 'coc [insert cell name here]" to go directly to the cell where you have placed this NPC. Witness your newly created NPC in all his/her ghostified glory."


Just replace "Created NPC" with "Brynolf". I haven't used the Creation Kit before but this seems to entail adding the ghost script to an NPC. I would be careful however, I could be wrong but aren't ghosts invulnerable? If you plan to use him as a follower afterwards it could make combat pretty easy. At least essential NPC's are forced to take a knee occasionally, but with invulnerability as seen with Become Ethereal, he wont take any damage at all.

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