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Newbie question in CS


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First time using CS, so I'm wondering how do I find the base id of an object? I'm currently trying to figure out the baseID of these set of clothes from a mod I just DL. I'm looking for the baseID so I can just use the console command to add them to my inventory.


Here is a screenshot of where I am atm:



EDIT: Oh the item was automatically added into my inventory ... should have checked that first. But I would like to know how to do this for other mods  :-[



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See those two lines between "Editor ID" and "Count" at the top of the Object Window? Drag the right one further to the right. It's the Form ID column. For some reason, that column is squished like that by default...


It would probably have been easier to find in Wrye Bash, but whatever works for you.

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