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Can't load a save unless out in the open world

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from your statement i can deduce that you must use a lot of mods, and when you are inside places there might be many many scripts running. when you are outside in some areas there might now be as many scripts running and you are able to save and load up your save. whereas when you are inside areas you made have mods running that change or add things to those areas and when loading up a save from there too many scripts are being run and over loading the game on startup... i think this is your problem, best option is to cut down on  unecessary mods, ask yourself what you can live without


also check and make sure all your mods have their dependencies met.... you wouldnt believe how many times there are stealth dependencies and the author of the mods does mention the dependecy but doesnt emphasize it so you dont realize that its there, <-- this is why its a good idea to read what the author wrote carefully, she or he didnt write out all that stuff for the fun of it, or because they enjoy writing long ass posts but because they are trying to convey some important info to us users that they feel we may need to know

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Ok you probably already have in your skse.ini 


..... to ignore rogue scripts, but double-check.


and then you may try http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52363/? to clean a save file on the outerworld before entering an inner, 


just a few things I may think of... I roll in and out mods pretty constant and am too lazy to start afresh. ;)


Turn on your logs and see what's kicking in.

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