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Does anyone know about SKYUI ??


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I already had the latest version but after viewing today it seem the file size is different. from the 4.1 i had and the one from nexus. Anyone know what's up with that ?? but the esp and bsa seem to be identical.


The change log does not mention any changes apart from i had 4-1 already from October 2013 looks like a new one was added 18-06-2014 but the file looks identical. only the file size differs. :-/


looks like all esp has date 18-06 2013. Witch seem to nothing changed.. but the file does note that it was updated 18-6 2014 and not 2013..

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You can use the first one provided you do a good deep scan of the files and make sure it is the good copy. Nexus was hacked as stated and the files were removed from the site. The owners were notified and had to re-upload the files. Many of the popular mods were hit. Apachi hairs, is another  one. If you look through their "communication" you will find more info on it. It is likely the re-upload was compressed differently and the re-upload is the reason for the different dates.

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Thanks for the tip. but yes i always do deep scan before downloading stuff from nexus. The file i downloaded was from last year. But when the files where changed by hacker i have not visit nexus then, i only visited about a week after the incident, when i read here in one General topics that nexus got hit by hacker.


So when it comes to nexus i am always cautious. This is not first time they got hit by virus last time it was add virus.


They are telling people to disable addblock and noscript. yes right it was because of the virus i was using these tools to prevent that from ever happening again. :D

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Glad you got to the bottom of it.


Yep.. I don't unblock those programs because they do help .. at least I believe they do. Thanks for the confirmation on your experiences  r/t them. I did for a brief time stop Ad Blocker on their site but their Ads were so annoying ( videos with very loud sound while I am trying to read the descriptions.. really.. WTF Nexus). I did so because I was using their services quite a bit and yes I felt bad about downloading so much without giving back. That is my nature. However when they almost caused me to jump out of my chair with the volume of their ads, , Nope. No more .. Sorry ( well not really sorry, Nexus if you are that stupid to allow that on your ads.. you don't really need the revenue. )


I have a full suite of services and scan most if not all of the files I download. ( my antivirus won't even let me download or open pages that are risky.. lol) That with malewarebytes and such I am pretty safe. .



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