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Red Menu glitch


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Now before i'm directed to http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1280438-fix-red-skyrim-logo-on-begining-menu/?p=19345082&do=findComment&comment=19345082


I checked and the lines it tells me to delete don't exist. Not just that, but people said to look in a data file for some unwanted ini. but it wasn't there either. Anyone else know where to look?



Edit: so now ive even tried deleting all the ini files i have, but its all still red, I almost feel like reinstalling is my only option, but i can live it this problem i suppose.

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Could be coming from someone else's ini file from a mod that you installed. I have had it before where installing someones mod I got doors changed to Russian menus got weird numbers and stuff. Check under skse if you have that installed as there are ini files in there as well and you can also use the go to skyrim data folder then in the top right search bar type in .ini and let it find all .ini files in your skyrim folder.

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nope, tried looking up every single ini in my skyrim folder, every file in the docs folder, guess i just gotta delete the docs and retry


Edit: I've finally figured it out, Yes it was because of an ini file, but the reason it wasn't in my data file is because of Mod organizer. And since MO doesn't put things in the data file thats why i couldn't find it. So i found that Dance of death was the problem because of that little paper clip picture in MO that basically says "this file has an ini attached to it".


So hopefully this helps people who had trouble w/ red menu and use MO at the same time

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