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Brawl Bug Patch


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I've read through the issues met in other threads about the brawl bug that happens with the Sexlab Aroused mod and promptly got the Brawl Bug Patch that is meant to stop them from becoming real fights. After it was all installed it didn't seem to work so I went through some quick trial and errors and found that if I didn't attack then the brawl ended then when I restarted the brawl it worked fine, even though I lost twice as much gold. But later it now doesn't seem to work at all. I looked through the forums as I'm sure there may be an answer already somewhere but if there is I cannot find it. I'm not really certain what's causing it even though I have the patch.


I'm going to continue trying some things, maybe the load order is wrong, but if anyone has an answer I'd appreciate it. :)


The mods in question are:

Sexlab Aroused

Lover's Victim

Brawl Bug Patch


Thanks much!

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Hmm are you using Skyrim Redone ? Because it can cause the brawl bug, but also the fix inside it (don't remember if you can pick it while installing or in Mod Configuriation but it's there ) So you can try it.


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Nope, no SkyRe on mine.


It's strange, I tried changing the load order but it was the same. Then out of the blue I got through a brawl fine. Though I hadn't changed anything since the last time it failed so I have no leads as to what's causing it. I could run some troubleshooting script but I suspect it won't tell me what I need to know. In a brief explanation; I'm confused. :P

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Hmm, it's so odd, it seems to be a one in fifty chance that a brawl doesn't turn into a fight. I can't quite figure out what is causing it. I did install the brawl bug patch after other mods, but it appears to not have done anything.

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